Some of my most popular cartoons:
funny science scientist research lab paper manuscript already wrote cartoon 1577 science cartoon 1050

doctor cartoon 1039 Funny medical school cartoon 1547


I CAN ALSO CREATE CUSTOM CARTOONS to your specifications.

The National Cartoonists Society nominated Benita four times
for Best Magazine Gag Cartoonist and twice for
Best Greeting Card Cartoonist.

Benita's cartoons appear in thousands of publications including
The New Yorker, Harvard Business Review,
Wall St. Journal, Barron’s, Reader's Digest and
King Feature’s syndicated comic strip SIX CHIX.

Latest cartoon about insecticide resistance (mosquito cartoons) sold to a PhD student
studying bio-control plus a DNA cartoon. I sell a lot of oncology cartoons,
doctor’s office cartoons, medical research cartoons and scientific research cartoons.
A teacher bought my gross anatomy cartoon along with my
very popular Auntie Bodies cartoon (antibody cartoon).

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